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Mission Statement

The success of our company is dependant upon the best possible service to our customers, at the best rate possible. We recognize that our customers are the greatest assets we have. That asset must be protected through diligent attention to detail, the ability to react to change, and a willingness to accommodate all of their needs.

We will look to our greatest resources to accomplish this. Those resources are our people. Our people are our link to the future, to growth, prosperity, and stability. Their development will be provided with thorough training and measured through the establishment of attainable goals. They will receive advancement and profit sharing opportunities through the achievement of these goals.

As a result of the united efforts of its people, and their continued drive for excellence, Windjammer Express Services L.L.C, will grow to be the absolute best transportation provider that it can be. The confidence our customers have in us will be reflected through our profitability and economic benefit to our community.

Windjammer Express Services, L.L.C, will earn and protect a reputation for excellence, integrity, character, and community service.

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