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Refrigerated Vans


This unit is just the insulation system only. This system consists of urethane foam insulation covered with our *Tufply Porceliner interior. You get the best insulation for this space with our stain and wear resistant surface that cleans beautifully and easily and gives you a water-tight floor.


Our basic unit, has an insulated *Tufply Porceliner interior with a mechanical refrigeration sytem with a temperature range of 20 to 55 degreess fahrenheit. The system consists of a mounted evaporator, a roof-mounted condenser and a remote cab-mounted control module. Operating methods will yield variable results. Weight is approximately 550lbs.


This unit is a basic CR-2 (described above) plus an electric standby module built in. The standby is driven by a 115-volt, single phase/60Hz compressor mounted on the roof.

Refrigeration Details

Carrier Unit Features

  • Durashell Composite Skin
  • Slimline Evaporator
  • 9.9 CID (162 cc) six-cylinder swash plate compressor.
  • Refrigerant-134a
  • Condenser shutoff valve for superior heating and rapid defrost
  • Installation Package with SureTightâ„¢ hoses and hose clamps

Thermoking Unit Features

  • New, aerodynamic styling
  • High cooling capacity on the road
  • High cooling capacity on electric standby
  • Designed for deep frozen or chill applications
  • Ultra Slim evaporator for maximum load space and high airflow volume for superior temperature control
  • Capability for cabin air conditioning
  • The new speedy clip system for hoses and connections for increased reliability and ease of installation
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